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The unique design creates harmony and balance between the flowers and the vase, as if carrying a captivating scene within a magical test tube. Paired with a dedicated light base, it can create a unique romantic atmosphere for your home, filling life with warmth and joy.


*This product is currently not available for overseas orders.

Herbarium - Summer Cypress Tube (Black)

  • Originating from Japan, the Herbarium presents a unique display of flowers floating and sinking in a glass bottle, adopting a range of different poses. Under the light, they emit a variety of flowing colors, creating a visually pleasing art form that brings immense pleasure at first glance.


    *As BLÅMIÄO's Herbarium is handcrafted on-the-spot, initial uneven coloring is normal. This condition will disappear once the mineral oil has fully permeated the flowers.

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