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擁抱自然,品味生活。 Embrace nature, taste life.


We believe that each creation is a unique journey.

Whether it’s floral arrangements or literary creations, from the boundless world of imagination to the trinkets held in our hands, we firmly believe that as creators, we must pour our heart and soul into our work to uncover the true meaning embedded within.
BLÅMIÄO symbolizes a fresh new concept. We do not limit ourselves to any single form of creation, striving to break down boundaries.

Dreamy Garden

Moonlight Lantern

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About Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers are crafted from fresh flowers using specialized techniques, ensuring their lasting beauty. They epitomize the phrase "an eternal fragrance, ever fresh as time passes."

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Flora's Journey


花心思點綴生活 • 刻劃出美好時光

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