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浮游花 Herbarium
Embrace nature, taste life.



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By incorporating floating floral elements into the pen shaft, it becomes crystal clear and irresistibly enchanting to hold.

Herbarium浮游花瓶 - 源氏物語(紫姬)
Herbarium Series

The floral materials float and sink within the glass bottle, displaying completely different postures. Under the illumination of the lights, they emit a radiant and colorful glow, creating a visually captivating art that delights the soul at first glance.

Herbarium Pen Series
Herbarium 浮游花筆系列

We believe every creation is a one-of-a-kind journey.

Whether it's floral arrangements or literary creations, from whimsical worlds of the imagination to little trinkets held in hand, we firmly believe that as creators, full-hearted dedication is essential to uncover the true meaning imbued within. BLÅMIÄO symbolizes a fresh new concept, not confined to any single form of creation, striving to break down the boundaries of genres.

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