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Customized Floral

Crafting extraordinary designs that adhere to individual tastes


Personalized Design

Our unique custom floral gifts cater to various needs, from simple initial concepts to material selection, from the implied meanings to the overall style. Customers can also provide design blueprints, including sketches or photos, and our professional florists will be more than happy to serve you.

* Please contact our customer service department for details.


Customizing Special

Customers can modify existing styles. Adjustments can include changing materials and colors, resizing, adding/removing LED light decorations, choosing packaging materials, etc. This option is particularly suitable for corporate gifts and wedding souvenirs.

* Please contact our customer service department for more details.


Preserved Flower Product Maintenance and Care Services

*Due to manpower shortage, starting from January 1, 2023, we will temporarily suspend all repair and maintenance services for preserved flower products not produced by BLÅMIÄO until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


1. Custom flower gift items are priced independently, and the validity of the quote is generally 30 working days.

2. There are no restrictions on the form of design blueprints provided by customers, but they should not involve plagiarism and copyright infringement issues. BLÅMIÄO reserves the right to refuse any custom flower gift orders after assessment. In case of any disputes, customers must bear all legal responsibilities.

3. The production process of custom flower gifts may be delayed due to the supply of materials, so it is suggested to make an appointment in advance to avoid unnecessary losses.

4. If modifications are made after the production process of the custom flower gift items has begun, an additional fee may be charged depending on the situation.

5. In case of flower shortage, customers can consider replacing it with flowers of the same value from different origins.

6. The return and exchange policy does not apply to custom flower gift items.


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