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About Us - Brand Philosophy

Founded by Gillian Lam and Ricky Ng, the brand philosophy and vision of BLÅMIÄO are crystal clear  ─  "We believe that each creation is a unique journey."

Whether it’s floral arrangements or literary creations, from the boundless world of imagination to the trinkets held in our hands, we firmly believe that as creators, we must pour our heart and soul into our work to uncover the true meaning embedded within.

BLÅMIÄO symbolizes a fresh new concept. We do not limit ourselves to any single form of creation, striving to break down boundaries.


Floral X Literary

Our services encompass venue decoration, floral art, and literary creations, among others.

We believe that creativity should not be constrained by any set formulas, and therefore we are bold in breaking norms and tirelessly strive to find a balance between different mediums.

Our diverse creations are people-centric, refusing to just go through the motions or make perfunctory efforts. Instead, within stories and between flowers, we craft touching chapters that belong to you or me.

Creation is a form of communication. Whether it's through floral art, words, sound, or images, different mediums can express or appeal to various emotions, encompassing both joy and reminiscence.

The mission of BLÅMIÄO is to convey genuine thoughts and emotions through boundless imagination.

- Words from the Founder -

Inspiration originates from the little moments in life. Creation is subjective, containing the likes and dislikes of the creator; creation is objective, aimed at expressing inner thoughts and emotions.


From the conception of the void, we sketch the blueprint of our dreams, and we will put it into practice step by step. We look forward to our work resonating with you.

- Creative Inspiration -

We hope to establish a diverse cross-media creative platform, where creators of different genres can fully display their talents and offer more choices to our customers.

- Vision -

We are a group of creators chasing our dreams. Leveraging our years of experience in different fields, we are committed to building a creative utopia together at BLÅMIÄO. We will each play to our strengths, undeterred by difficulties, and let our imaginations take flight like butterflies, setting our thoughts free.

- Dream-Chasing -

擁抱自然,品味生活。Embrace nature, taste life.

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