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Beneath the silvery moon, flowers sway gracefully,
Lanterns twinkle, the night shrouded in mist.
Enchanted, entranced, as if in a dream,
My heart wanders, weaving verses of this poetic scene.

Oborozuki Moonlight Lantern - TOKI

  • 'Oborozuki’ (おぼろ月) is a Japanese expression describing the moon, often used to depict a soft and dreamy nightscape where moonlight filters through thin clouds, creating a gentle, hazy beauty. This lantern combines preserved Japanese Gardenia and roses with preserved hydrangeas, creating an endlessly beautiful scene of flowers under the moonlight, offering a visually stunning and elegant feast for the eyes. Available in both black and white, it is suitable as a table lamp for bedrooms and living rooms. With adjustable brightness and light tones, it is a stylish and aesthetic addition to our Moonlight Lantern Series.

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